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Hi! I have taught elementary education for over 20 years (which means I am really old).  I have taught band and vocal, special education, fifth grade and math for the 5th and 6th.  This will be a new experience teaching PreK to 6th grade music.  I am very excited about teaching music and learning lots of new things. 

I grew up about 2 hours east of Syracuse in the Burdett/Hanston communities.  I grew up on a farm about 10 miles north of Burdett where my best memories are of the animals on our farm: sheep, chickens, lots of cats, dogs, pigs, and cattle.  I did 4-H for 10 years.  When we moved into Hanston I was able to get more involved in school activities and enjoyed leadership roles in Kayettes (which is now Kays), 4-H, stuco, honors society, and class president all four years.

I taught overseas for 5 years in both Londrina and Sao Paulo, Brazil.  This experience really changed the way I viewed the world.  It also encouraged me to focus on another passion in my life of spreading the gospel.  I am very blessed to be the interim pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Syracuse. 

I am so happy to be working with all of the elementary students this year by teaching music and looking forward to a great year.








Ardeen Webster

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