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As a school counselor, I help your students in a myriad of ways through direct and indirect instruction.

Direct Services:confidential

  • Instruction
  • Appraisal and Advisement
  • Counseling

Indirect Services:

  • Consultation
  • Collaboration
  • Referrals

The Syracuse Student Council (STUCO) is the body of the Counselor’s Advisory Council.  However, if you are an adult who would like to participate in the Advisory Council and its decision making process, please email the counselor at  The council meets the Lecture Hall the second Monday in a semester to select SEL goals and discuss prevalent issues. 

ASCA recomends that a counselor spend 80% of their time with a student in direct services!

If you are a student seeking counseling services, Click Here.

If you are a parent/guardian, please email me at with your questions and concerns!




Define Manage Deliver  Assess
There are 3 sets of standards that a school counselor operates under!  What does a school counselor do?   Under what circumstances would your child visit a school counselor? How can we determine the effectiveness of the school counseling program?